Bishop Kenny High School

#BKGives by the numbers:

24 - Hours of Giving - #BKGives – Our 2nd annual day of giving on January 29 at noon to January 30 at noon.

123 – The number of alumni, parents and friends who participated in BK’s 2018 inaugural day of giving.

258 – The 2019 donor participation goal for #BKGives

It’s all about participation:

If we increase the number of supporters, the dollars will take care of themselves.

Goals have been set for each decade and total up to our participation goal of 258 which is also the number of students enrolled at Bishop Kenny this year with the help of financial assistance—one donor for each student. It’s all about the numbers!

Here’s the challenge: Alumni, please contribute by decade—1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s—and encourage your classmates to do the same. Parents, faculty, and friends of BK should donate through the "Friends of BK" page.

Let’s see which decade has the highest participation! Gifts of $10 - $100 or gifts of $500 and more, all are appreciated. Together, let’s exceed our $10,000 goal on BK’s 2nd Annual Day of Giving so we can truly say, "BK Gives!"

Your participation enables us to welcome with open arms, students who need assistance to bridge the financial gap between grade school and high school. To be the hope, together we can be the difference, BK!

If you are unable to give, please remember the BK Community in your prayers—we need those too!

Support by Decade

This year, we ask that you reflect on the impact that Bishop Kenny High School made on your life and consider making a gift, large or small, that will impact the current generation of BK Crusaders.